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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's "Ideal" For Me

Hey everyone!  

I know it has been FOREVER since I have been on here,  but I have been journaling my thoughts & adventures lately.  I truly have missed writing for my blog and I am super excited for this next chapter in my life!!

Over the past year, a lot has happened.  The last time I thought I was going to write was after my hysterectomy.  This was such a long recovery for me, that once I felt "normal" again,  I was not sitting still behind the computer!

In the last 3 months, I've had surgery on both hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I feel so much better now that my two major issues have been fixed and I have healed up from all surgeries!

In the last 4 months I have been doing the Ideal Protein Protocol© at a clinic in Stonewall, LA, called Geaux Healthy Weight Loss.  I post my progress on my personal Facebook to hold myself accountable.  I realize that there is way more to all of this than being "skinny".

This program has truly changed my life!! I don't sugarcoat things nor am I trying to sell someone something.  I am showing TRUE results from a very determined woman, who has literally tried everything.

I have received so many encouraging words from family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers.  Several people have called me inspiring.  I never really thought of myself as being an inspiration, but I do feel like God calls me to a higher purpose of helping others.

In my 36 years there has been plenty of struggles, pain, feelings of rejection, teasing, hopelessness and frustration. NO MORE!  I feel like if I can help one other person change their life for the better, then I am doing what God calls me to do.

There are so many "quick fixes" and empty promises out there, but I chose a lifestyle change.  Your mouth and your brain have to get on the same page.  The rest will follow.

Stay tuned for more updates on my progress.  It has been 19 weeks and this program is "Ideal" for me!

Started the program on 7/26/15 and as of 11/23/15 I've lost 84 lbs and 39.75 inches!!