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Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting back at it...writing is good for the soul

2013...WOW what a year!

I decided a long time ago to get back writing my blog, but things just always seem to get in the way.

Today I decided to make time to redesign to blog interface a bit and make a short post to let everyone know that I was gonna get back at it.

I am taking my blog in a new direction this year.  The name will remain the same - Reshaping My Reality.  But, instead of strictly a weight loss blog, I am going to write about a broad spectrum of things.

Everyone knows that I have been on a personal journey for about 3 years now.  I had joined a gym, done allergy testing, lost over 50 lbs, gained some back - lost some - gained some...and now am back to losing again. (YAY!)

This past year has really opened my eyes in more ways than one that it is NOT just about losing weight.  It is about being HEALTHY and HAPPY.  You can go on every diet under the sun and see some results and still be miserable.

Multiple members of my family got diagnosed with different types of Cancer this past year.  Some were doing check-ups just as they should have been and some were not.  It made me realize that no matter how small or embarrassing the symptom, we should not be afraid to schedule an appointment to have it checked out...and don't be afraid to get a second opinion if you still feel like something is not right.

These are our bodies folks...God only gave us one to take care of!!

I miss writing.  I am going to make a resolution to do better.

I am gonna leave everyone with the fact that January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  The support color is TEAL.  Cervical Cancer/Ovarian Cancer Awareness are not talked about near as much as Breast Cancer Awareness, but they should be.  Cancer knows no does not discriminate.  Spread the word and save a Sister, Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Cousin, Grandmother, etc.

The hashtags are:
 #TealIsABigDeal #TealsTheDeal #TealTuesday #FightLikeAGirl #SpreadTheWord #SaveASister

OH & go follow my Sis on her blog:

Till next post...

Love to all,

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