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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bootcamp - COMPLETE!

Bootcamp...Done! Oh yeah babay!  I just KNOW some people thought I would never make it the entire 8 weeks, but y'all know I am not a quitter!  When I start something, I try to do everything in my power to finish.

I am absolutely ecstatic that I had this opportunity!  I have to say a BIG Thank You to all of my cheerleaders and support system.  Y'all really don't realize how it pushed me to keep going.

Thanks to my wonderful Doc who had confidence in me that I could do this and benefit from it.  Thanks to my trainer, Jessi, who ALWAYS helped me do this camp to the best of my abilities. 

I was definitely not the strongest or fastest, but I was in class, on time almost every session. When the class began there were 25 people I believe and as of the last day there were 6. 

YEP...Modifications and all, I am pretty damn proud of myself for sticking with it. 

I am not even gonna lie y'all, this is probably the most demanding thing I have ever done to my body.  It was HARD and tiring.  You had to not only stay focused on what you were doing physically, but mentally you had to stay strong as well.  It didn't really take much and you could easily psych yourself out on some of the circuits.

I know at the beginning of every class, as Jessi was explaining what to do that day, we were all like "YEAH RIGHT...You so CRAZY girl"!  HAHAHA...I'm not jokin'.  She makes everything look easy!

I do have to say, I never ever thought I would do something like this, but I did and FINISHED!  It is a great feeling.  I never played sports or did much in PE class.  I think I kind of missed out on a lot of different experiences growing up, but now I am making my own.  After sitting on the sidelines all my life because of my Asthma, it felt good to do something challenging. 

And OMG...did Jessi ever challenge me.  She made me face fears head on each time.  One day she even made me race her in this obstacle course thing.  I knew I didn't have a flippin' chance of beating her, but I gave it my all because she threw that challenge at me. 

In the beginning I kept very much to myself and hated having a partner or team.  I never wanted to slow someone down or make a team lose, but I never wanted to be the one just sitting there watching. 

(If anyone from camp reads this, please don't think I was being a "B" at first, I just had to deal with my own insecurites about being in a group.) 

By the end of the Bootcamp I was doing the exercises better and I realized that I was working with a fantasic group of people. Everyone cheered each other on to the finish.  

I have made some amazing friends and I could honestly say that I would do another one...just not in 100 degree heat!

Final Results: 3 1/2" lost total!

1" lost around hips
1" lost around waist
1/2" lost around left arm
1/2" lost around right arm
1/2" lost around left thigh...what happened with the right thigh I'll never know...LOL

Click on the picture below to see the progress!

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