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Friday, May 11, 2012

Bootcamp - Half-way: If You Don't Risk Anything...

" If you don't risk anything, you risk even more."  Erica Jong

A lot of people have been asking me how the Bootcamp at my gym is going.  If I had to say anything, I could say that I think it is going pretty good.  It is hard, but that is to be expected.  How hard...was not known prior to 3 weeks ago.  I was fair warned that we would be doing things that pushed us and at times we would think it is not possible to complete them.
Week 2 - I was only able to attend the Tuesday night class.  That night we did a combination of exercises with dumbbells and yoga mats.  Some of the things we did I needed modifications on, which meant I pretty much did not put my dumbbells down for any of my circuits.

I swear y'all...I seriously thought my arms and legs were going to just fall off!  If you hear someone talking about working out with dumbbells and that maybe they were only 5lbs doesn't matter how light you think that is.  After a solid hour they feel like freakin' cinder blocks in your hands...haha.  Best I remember, Jessi was not my favorite person that next day.  lol

I had to miss the Thursday night class because some lady decided she was going to absolutely brilliant and hit me in the parking lot of the bank that day at lunch.  I am alright, but it caused a few problems that day...backache, headache, shoulders sore from tensing know the usual for a minor fender bender.   The metal part below my grill on my truck now looks like it now has lips and is frowning!  lol  The lady that it me had the nerve to ask me if I was going to have to have it fixed...uhhhhh YEAH!  It is only a year old...your just scared your insurance is gonna go hoo.  You should have paid attention to your back-up sensors old lady!

So anyway Week 3 - made it to both classes this past week and actually started talking to some of the people in the class. I met one of the owners of the Anytime Fitness in Stonewall and yes even she is torturing herself with the class experience!  The first couple of weeks I was kind of shy and didn't really talk to many people.  We did some group drills that Tuesday and some partner drills on Thursday.  The partner drills were pretty fun.  I try to be considerate since I need more modifications than anyone else.  I technically didn't have a partner for this day, but Jessi worked with me on the couple of things I did need one for.

I always get nervous about working in a group.  It is like I told Jessi, I never want to feel like I am holding anyone else back.  I KNOW I am not getting the full workout designed, but that is because right now I am just not completely able to do some things and I am ok with that.  I am building up to it.  I am gonna surprise everyone one day...even myself!  LOL  I do the modifications and work at my own pace to make sure my Asthma is in control and not to hurt myself in any other way.  There have been several times I had an asthma attack and just had to stop for a few minutes.

The main thing is, I know it is working for me - even with modifications. 

So here we are at Week 4 - the half way mark. The class started at somewhere between 20-25 people, now it is about 15 people.  I can honestly say I am proud of myself for not running out that first day (like I wanted to BTW).  Luckily I had some wise words said to me that stuck.  First from Jessi that she was excited I signed up and would do just fine...basically she said Don't Give matter how hard it gets.  Then after that first class, my Husband told me to give myself more credit for doing these crazy things like trying to do bootcamp and that most people wouldn't even attempt it. 

There have beens some tears shed a few times, some profanities thrown out randomly (not at Jessi - just mainly trying to get my butt out of bed the next morning...or getting in & out of the car, bending and lots of nights getting home late and being sooo "tire flippin'" tired.

Anyway, Week 4 = half-way = comparison pix.  What do y'all think??




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