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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bootcamp You Say??

ARE YOU CRAZY?  Nope...not crazy!  I am motivated, determined & results driven.
So I finished up the 12 week Biggest Loser Challenge (yes I quit writing about it at week 9) with a total of about 10" lost.  4" off the hips, 3" off the waist and chest each.  I maintained my weight, but I am very happy with my inches lost. 

And NO muscle does not weight more than fat.  This drives me insane when someone says that to try to justify not losing weight...but that is a whole other blog.  Basic math people - 1 lb is 1 lb no matter how you look at it.

Anyway...back to the Biggest Loser Challenge/Bootcamp adventures.  I am happy with my Biggest Loser Challenge loss because I can see and feel a difference.  The number on the scale does not define me!

Let me repeat that for anyone reading - The scale does not define you!  What should matter is how you feel - I feel great.  Your self confidence matters - mine has skyrocketed! 

I know I am "Winning at Losing" because I can fit into clothes I haven't worn in years.  I can shop at Wal-Mart again for clothes.  I can fit in a movie theatre seat and my a** still have feeling after a 2 hour movie.  The arm rests no longer cut off the  Oh and the biggest kick I got lately was noticing that even my shadow is smaller. 

The best thing is I have enough courage and confidence to be able to participate in this Bootcamp at my gym.  I went to my primary Doc and got the complete go ahead to proceed with the program.  I was the first person to sign up and was the first person to class last Tuesday.  I was excited!!

Don't get me wrong, I had my hesitations/concerns.  My Asthma is a major concern.  My inability to be coordinated on some things was a small concern.  When I signed up, I mentioned it all to my trainer Jessi and she assured me that she would work with me with my asthma and on modifications, etc.

The first day of bootcamp was like we all stepped through a wicked portal in back of the gym.  No, Seriously.  Even as "in shape" as most of the other folks are...they too felt the shock of intense cardio for 1 hour straight.  We were sprinting, jumping rope, flipping tires, name it, we probably did it that first night.  We all basically thought "what the heck did we sign up for??"  <We love you Jessi>

Me personally - I was afraid I was having the worst Asthma attack ever and of not being able to catch my breath.  It was hard and I was a bit intimidated.  BUT, I survived! I had to puff my inhaler multiple times though and drank lots of  By the time I got home, I was feeling my muscles screaming at me.

The next day dawned and I went to get up and get ready for work...OUCH...haha.  I had muscles hurting that I forgot I should use.  Geeeez it even hurt to sit on the toilet and I had to do it all again Thursday!

Thursday came and we were all ready, but still a bit sore.  Didn't matter - get those knees up...shuffle...jumping jacks...go go go! The one thing about the experience is everyone is feeling the same effects...some of us more than others.  But no matter what everyone is very friendly and tell each other you doing a great job.

The camp is fun though, it is going to be a progressive bootcamp, which means it will get harder each time.  Right now I get done and I am more like WOW...I did that and with minimal breaks.

Stay tuned folks...sure to be interesting things going on over the next 7 weeks! 

Here is my beginning picture of bootcamp:

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