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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where's the rest?

If you are wondering where weeks 1-5 of my Biggest Loser Challenge for Anytime Fitness are...well they are still hanging out at my other blog, The Southern Social.

I am in the process of switching all of my weight loss posts over to this blog.  By this weekend it should all be moved over.

I will be hanging on to The Southern Social and will redirect its focus on more things "Southern" it should be.   

Also please check out my friend, Chrystal, her blog is More to Life than Chocolate.  I am a guest writer on this blog and ultimately we are two girls with the same goals in mind, showing the world what we can do!


  1. I meant to ask you, what happened to the photo blog? Are you putting that on the southern social? I love how things are "shaping" up over here!

    1. I lost my Photo Blog when I couldn't remember my original gmail account un/pw or any info to unlock it. :(

      I think I will be posting photos on The Southern Social. You know some Southern style homes and such.

      I am loving the way this one looks as well. I like The Southern Social too, but two different focuses. You are rubbing off on me! :)