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Monday, March 26, 2012

Anytime Fitness - Biggest Loser Challenge - Week 9 Update

Week 9 - oh Week 9 - why so mean?  haha 

Well I kind of fell off the wagon for Week 9!  No, I didn't completely fall of the wagon, I am just kind of dangling there, trying to pull myself back up. lol

I seriously had a lot going on this crazy, crazy week.  First off let me say the stats, etc and then we will get to the better stuff.

*Deep Breath*  I weighed in today and I gained 6.6 lbs...GASP!!  Eeeh...I know...that is a lot, but let's keep in mind that I was down sick the previous 2 weeks and I didn't weigh in last week at all.  Usually the way my weigh-ins go - I gain a lot...I will lose that and then some the next couple of weeks.  I am not worried!

This week I didn't make my Weight Watchers meeting at all....or the gym.  I had the best of intentions and no one is to blame but myself.  I put some other things first and wouldn't really do anything different.

Let's move to the younger Sister and her Fiance' had a precious baby boy, making me a Auntie again!  YAY!! 

Everyone has heard me talk about how proud I am of all of my nieces and nephews...Kolston will be no different!  I stayed at the hospital last Monday night until after he was born.  He was such a big baby (9lbs-7oz-21") that they had to do an emergency C-Section.  I was in the room when the Doc said he had to do it and of course she was upset.  I left out and went to tell everyone the plan...I kind of had to leave because I didn't want to see her cry.  Well everyone in the waiting room was worried, including me, but I knew she had the BEST Doctor around...he is mine as well and I trust him completely.  I had to tell everyone that in the waiting room, to keep them from freaking out.

So they wheel her off to do the C-Section and we are all talking and I swear it wasn't 10 minutes or so before Kyle sent a picture to his Dad and we were all Oooing and Aaaahing over that big, healthy baby! 

Anyway, basically you can kind of see how this week went.  Got home late from hospital Monday = Taco Bell on the way home.  Skip lunch Tuesday to take off half the day to see my sis and perhaps get to hold the baby...which I did and he is such a sweet little thing!  He loves him some nap time too!  I asked if she needed anything before I ventured up there and I stopped off at Wendy's right by the hospital.  Wednesday left without my lunch bag - dumb, dumb, dumb - so a co-worker and I went to eat (Taco Salad).  Thursday sort of back to normal and Friday out for lunch with my Dad at a local grill that does Southern cooking plate lunches...fairly healthy choices there & an awesome visit.

Saturday, Josh and I headed to eat some Crawfish not that far from the house.  It was an ok place, just not what I am use to at all...was not really impressed with the food at all!  Especially since I knew I was going to be paying the price with all the sodium in those mudbugs!  lol 

Sunday we went to see a traveling exhibit at the local Science Center called Sci-Port.  The traveling exhibit is called Bodies Revealed.  It was awesome!  We went with another couple and went out to eat afterwards at a place called The Oyster Bar.  And y'all know my Cajun self had to have some oysters! Grilled (in Champagne)...of course.  They were so yummy and so much better than fried!  We truly had a blast hanging out with our friends and getting to see something different.

Now, back to the workout stuff, etc.  I did stop in to see my trainer, Jessi @ Anytime Fitness one day and I was the first person to sign up for her Boot Camp coming up in April!

I think at this point, I am honestly bored with this whole Biggest Loser Challenge.  It is very hard to keep my attention on something like this past the first 8 weeks.  Everyone involved is just doing their own thing.  There is no group comradery or variety.  There is a weekly email from Jessi, but no major motivation. 

Without someone guiding you and showing you different things, you just do the same darn things over and over again.  People stick to what they are comfortable with.  Unless pushed, it is human nature to stay in your comfort zone. 

I listen to two DJ's on my way to work and they are doing a lose 100 lbs in 100 days challenge.  There are 3 of them doing the challenge and basically they each need 33 1/3 lbs each over 3 1/2 months.  They threw a challenge out for everyone else listening to join them, weighing in and posting on Facebook the progress, etc.   As I listen to them each week, I hear the frustration when they weigh-in and don't pull down the numbers they expect.  My husband told me that someone called them out on the radio one day and basically said they didn't think they were taking it serious.  No one will really know if they are serious but them.  Do I think they are out of their comfort zone though...very well so. 

You can't be judgemental, when you don't know what is going on inside that other person's head or even what is taking place in their lives.  When you want something bad enough, it will click one day and things fall in to place.   I have said it one can want is except you...that is when it will truly work.

Nothing is life is truly easy.  Losing weight is no different.  Realistically anyone wanting to lose weight should expect a 1-2 lb loss...on average each week.

I think for me this Boot Camp will be more of a "challenge" and there is no prize, except gaining strength and self-confidence, while getting healthier.  

It is very obvious to me that the money jackpot in this Biggest Loser Challenge wasn't enough for me to kick it into high gear and have no excuses.  I let life get in the way.  I have to have someone who holds me accountable - someone who I answer to and don't want to dissapoint.  That is why going to the Weight Watchers meetings work for me.  If I didn't, I would never do what I was suppose to very easily.

Getting sick put me down for a few weeks and it is truly hard to get back to doing what you did once you break that everyday routine.  I just have to do it though...Jessi told me I need to be building up the strength of my lungs again to prepare for Boot Camp. 

I have a feeling that my next set of blogs about this 8 week Boot Camp with Jessi will be much more interesting!  Considering one of the items needed is a towel and the other is an ab mat, I am probably about to be sweating and wanting to cry at the same time!  LOL

Stay tuned ya'll!  April will be 2 years I have been at this and MY journey is no where near done. Things at Anytime Fitness are about to get real starting on April 17th!

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  1. I was up 3 on weight day, down I am back down those 3. I have been moving my ass and sitting on my hands so I dont snack. Stress = eating. But, life happens and we just have to push through it. You can't be 100% on program all 100% of the time. You are allowed to enjoy yourself. The problem is when you don't get back on track and just fall backwards. Keep pushing forward!