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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anytime Fitness - Biggest Loser Challenge - Weeks 2 & 3 Update


Sooo I realized that I never updated for Week 2!  So now I am just combining Weeks 2 & 3 into one blog.  To start off - The Biggest Loser Challenge jackpot is up to $1260!

Over the last two weeks nothing too major happened overall. 

Week 2 - I kept up my routine of going to the gym Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings.  I ate well and used the weekend for some me time.  I lost 1/2 lb at the WW meeting weigh-in that Wednesday.

My weigh-ins get confusing due to they gym only doing bi-weekly ones & I do weekly ones with Weight Watchers.  The ones at the gym are late at night due to my schedule and they are not reflecting my true progess.  So, to keep from getting discouraged I go by my Weight Watchers ones just like normal.  Ultimately this is what I am going by even after the 12 week challenge is up.

Just to recap Week 1 - I lost 4.4 lbs that week at Weight Watchers.  Week 2 - I lost 1/2 lb that week at Weight Watchers.  WEEK 3 - I lost 1 more lb!!  Whooo hooo!  6 lbs in the 1st 3 weeks of the Challenge...that's how I be doing

I am not even going to lie.  This has been rough, but as a friend told me, "it is the nature of the beast".  You work full time, I happen to commute over an hour each way to work, you are tired & just want to go home...but you have to find time to work it in. 

For Week 3, I made up my mind to start to get up earlier and go straight to the gym in the mornings before work.  Even though I am having to get up at 4:45 am to get my stuff together for the day, pack my lunch, take care of the dog and head out to they gym, it seems to be working better for me.

The only downfall to working out in the mornings is I seem to be hungrier all day.  Sometimes I feel like my stomach is literally eating itself...haha.  I do know it is because I am expending more energy and my body is asking for more fuel. 

I know there are a million and one ways people have tried to lose weight.  Heck, I have been there and done that - ALL.  But no matter what - Diet Pills, Fat Burners, Slim Fast, HCG, Soup Diet, Starving, etc. - it is not worth it to do it the wrong way.  IT DOESN'T LAST!

I have had plenty of people try to offer me advice to do this or do that.  I appreciate it all and I appreciate the support from everyone.  What I have learned over the last 2 years is there is no fast, easy, long-term way.  It has to be slow & steady with the right balance of determination, nutrition and excercise, plus a great support system to lean on.  No one can want it as bad as you. 

Going into Week 4, I will leave you this week with a recent favorite quote:

"The ONLY place where Success comes before Work is in the Dictionary."  ~Vince Lombardi

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