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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anytime Fitness - Biggest Loser Challenge - Week 1

*Deep Breath*  Week 1 is DOWN & I must say "Challenge" is definitely what it is!  I think this is a great thing though, it is driving me to keep going and going and going.

Week 1 has been interesting for sure!  Monday, January 23, 2012 was the initial weigh-in, measurements and before pics, plus my regular workout. 

I said if I was going to do the challenge, I was going to be open about it...good or bad.  And my god nothing says Reality Check like seeing yourself in workout clothes, even after losing 45 lbs already!


That Monday, I also scheduled my personal training session with Jessi for Thursday.  I was super excited because I have never had a trainer before.

Tuesday I needed to make and emergency visit to the doctor and that turned out super well!  I went to work after my dr appointment and then off to the gym. 

Wednesdays are my Weight Watchers meetings and I am back on track and on the losing side again.  I was down 4.4 lbs from the previous week!!  OMG...I was so flipping excited...getting rid of that Holiday weight gain finally!

Thursday...oh Thursday!  Honestly by the time Thursday rolled around I was so darn tired of getting home late every night and just tired in general from a lot of stuff at work that needs to be caught up on.  (BTW I commute for about and hour & 15 minutes each way to work a day)   When I got ready to leave work, I seriously wanted to cry because I just wanted to go home and get in my PJ's.  BUT, I didn't and by the time I got to the red light by where the gym is I was ready to go in.

I love the Anytime Fitness that I go to in Stonewall and not just because it is the closest one to my house in BFE...LOL.  I love walking in because the Manager, Jessi, is just so positive, upbeat and always super friendly!  Oh but Jessi as a Personal Trainer...WOW...she had me sweating like a Super Sinner in the front row of a Southern Baptist Church, and I normally do not sweat too much.  It was awesome though.  She taught me some new things to do with weights and bars.  The best part is she did some with me when I didn't feel like I had the right form and so I didn't look silly doing some of the stuff by myself.

I think between my Leader at Weight Watchers and all of my support there, my Friends and Family on Facebook and my new found support and inspiration at the gym...this is going to be an awesome journey for me during 2012!

2011 brought a lot of incredible events and personal changes about, not only physically, but emotionally.  I had to learn how to let go of a lot of hurt and anger I was holding in towards certain people.  It doesn't mean I will ever forget what they did, it just means that is not going to be a chain around me holding me back anymore.  Their tresspasses against me will no longer take up space in my head or heart.  I have some other friends that hurt as well and I hope that one day they can release those painful chains and move forward with their dreams and goals.  Life is too short to have hatred in your heart 24/7.

I truely did not realize that in the previous years I did not love myself, therefore I did not take care of myself very well after I have gone through some of the worst life events that can happen. 

My Doctor once told me I had been through basically the top 5 most stressful life events:

1. Wedding / Divorce / Breakup
2. Bereavement
3. Work environment / Losing job
4. Money problems
5. Moving

Luckily I woke up one day and decided I needed a change.  I decided I was going to be myself and like me but work towards a better me.

I stopped destroying myself with a lot of bad habits. Then I found my wonderful Husband, Josh, who loved me for me from day 1 no matter what.  He has never asked me to change not one bit.  I am making this change for myself first and us as a couple second.  Ultimately this change is for both of us to have a better quality of life.  He has adapted to eating a bit healthier and I have even inspired him to lift weights again. 
The next 11 weeks are going to be hard, but I am focused and I am ready to see the difference!  I have a great support system and always appreciate it!

Week 1 - BYE BYE!  Hello Week 2!  Bi-Weekly check-in & measurements on Monday, February 6th.


  1. Loved ready this Jeran! I signed up to follow thru email too! Keep up the good work! I'm right there with you girl! :o)

  2. Your top 5 is the same as mine! But we knew that ;0 LOL. I am just happy that we are both finally finding our way and getting the weight off so we can be healthy!