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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anytime Fitness - Biggest Loser Challenge - Week 4 Update

As week 4 ends and I am already into week 5, I have received some feedback this week that I feel needs addressing. 

At work and at my WW meeting, people are noticing a big difference.  I was complimented at my meeting on Wednesday by a very nice lady saying that when I wear the right clothes, you can tell I have lost a signifigant amount of weight.  This I find to be true.  I have said it over and over again, my mind has not caught up to my changing body.  I still think I need to buy shirts and pants that are way bigger than what I need.

For example, today I am wearing a shirt that is 5 sizes smaller than the biggest size shirt I owned.  I am also wearing a pair of slacks that previously I could not breath if I were to wear they are a little loose.

Now I am putting myself out here week after week, updating on my progress, good or bad.  I have put up pictures and I have expressed how I felt my journey was coming along.

Week 4 has been a bit off, but I take it as it is, learn from it and move on.  At my WW meeting I was up 1.2 lbs.  That is not a terrible amount, but a loss is always better.  Do I know what happened?  Absolutely!  Is it because I didn't track my points?  Did I just give up?  Did I just not care this week?  Nope!  Not at all!

I have been trying to figure out a gym schedule that will work for me and give my body time to rest as well.  I was going at night.  That got old quick.  I was getting home late every night.  Although I miss seeing my trainer at night, it is very busy during the time I was going and was taking me longer than it should to do what I needed.

I then switched to going first thing in the mornings - Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  This was working ok, except I was still extremely tired and my muscles were hurting all the time.  I know all too well that you are suppose to give your body a rest day.  My other problem was that I was going from Thursday morning to Monday morning with no workouts.

This leads me to my current schedule that I started this week - Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings.  This seems to be working out a lot better and I know I will feel better over the weekends.

Now on to what I suspect happened this week to cause my gain:
1.  Several days this week I was not feeling well and did not eat much
2.  My gym schedule changed to where I am actually working out on my WW meeting day
3.  I cooked this weekend...with Soy Sauce.  YES Soy Sauce....I know, I know...soooo salty!  But you know what, it was good!

Speaking of...I said I needed to address some feedback.  I addressed the positive from work and my meetings, now let me address the what I take as negative.  I may sound kind of harsh in what I am about to say and it is honestly not directed at anyone in particular, but it needs to be said.  I have always believed that you should take the time to learn about something before you speak about it. 

Some people feel the need to comment, monitor, criticize, etc. what they know nothing about.  Weight Watchers Program is not a diet, it is teaching you a lifestyle change.  Repeat...NOT A DIET!  Weight Watchers actually teaches you that you can eat or drink anything you want.  You just have to account for it with your points budget. 

Yeah, that actually means I can have a cookie or a glass of wine if I want.  Do I always want those kinds of, but Weight Watchers is not telling me I CAN'T have those things.

Please don't ask me if what I am eating or drinking is WW approved...I am a grown adult and I know what my daily points are and I know if I have it in my budget for something.  Also WW gives you a Points Allowance each week in case you do go over one day or if you wanted to save them up for a treat.

I pay my Doctor, Weight Watchers & my Personal Trainer for advice and I have trusted each one individually to help improve my health.

So far, I would say that they/I have not done too bad.  I am 5 sizes smaller in a shirt and 2-3 sizes smaller in pants than what I was 2 years ago.

It is never an easy thing to do, but I put myself out there to share my journey with others and to hold myself accountable. 

All I ask is for continued support in what I am doing.  I have been on this journey since April 2010 and it is not complete yet.

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  1. You tell them girl! I remember when I did WW the first time so was my work social network since it was an at-work program. When that ended I went to other meetings and later, my work site changed. By then I was at Lifetime so it did not matter. I did not really have a family to cook for. But, in time I gained the weight back. No ones fault but mine. I got lazy. I wanted to eat what I wanted to eat. In some ways it started to be the only attention I got from my ex-husband and in other ways it helped me to feel better when all the back/hip issues started to happen so I resorted back to my childhood addiction of food.

    When I went back to WW last year I had a whole new social network and everyone questioned me and my choices. Everyone has an answer. " I saw on this show", "I read in this book", "I found this I am trying in this issue of blah blah magazine." And that's fine. Maybe it motivates them and it works for them. But, it obviously does not work for me.

    WW is the only thing that has ever helped me to lose weight. Its not a diet. Its is the ONLY commercial program that is not a DIET. There are no foods you have to or can't eat. Its basically glorified calorie counting, but I find it much easier.

    The way I see it, until people have walked a mile in my shoes they do NOT know what is best for me.

    Love ya girl, you just keep on trucking. I am so very proud of you!