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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sound the Alarm! Firehouse Subs Sparks My Interest

Recently I have had a strong boycott going against a major Sub Franchise...which shall remain unnamed (simply because I don't want any of their advertisements linked to my blog).

The boycott was a long time coming and was brought on due to expremely poor customer service and less than par ingredients.  Not to mention they never would fix my sandwich the way I wanted.

After being on Weight Watchers for several months now, I have learned how to "spend" my points wisely each day.  I take my lunch to work everyday and "treat" myself only once a week...which was formerly at the unmentioned Sub shop.  Since I don't eat fast food anymore...I thought I was doing a good thing by going to the Sub shop. 

I had heard about Firehouse Subs a little around town and it peeked my curiousity.  It was founded by Firemen who wanted more out of their Subs and thought others felt the same.  Well...I DO, I DO!  One night I decided to leave my Weight Watchers meeting and go try Firehouse Subs because I was out running errands before the commute home anyway.

Now let me just say first of all when I pulled up in the parking lot, it smelled completely heavenly!  When I walked was very nice inside, yet a little overwhelming.  The employees were extremely friendly (unlike my boycotted place) and they helped guide me thru my first experience with ease.

I have to admit...I did not have high expectations simply because of being treated like crap for so long at the other Sub shop and never getting what I wanted, the way I wanted it...AND never feeling satisfied after I ate there. I suspect this is probably because I got mostly bread..and little meat or veggies (after all they are so stingy...they have a sandwich making "cheat sheet").

That was definitely NOT the case at Firehouse Subs!  Not only was my sandwich made CORRECTLY, it was made with REAL meat and LOTS of fresh veggies (including EXTRA black fav).  I got it to I mentioned before I had errands to run.   Well, it smelled so gooooood and I was pretty hungry, I could not wait to get home to eat!!  I decided to sit right there in the

Man oh man...I opened that sandwich wrapper up and tried to grab half of the Sub to take a bite and meat and black olives were falling out by the handfulls.  It was sooooooooooooo awesome I immediately posted a status on Facebook!  OH...and the little Lagniappe was the pickle spear on the side!

I just felt like I had to share my awesome find and complete my boycott by finding a SUPERIOR replacement to patronize. 

Oh how I had missed my weekly Subs and now I have hope again.  Hope that there are still restaurants out there that care about their customers and the quality of their food and Firehouse Subs seems to do both!

Oh and if you sign up for their newsletter, "Copy That!", you get a FREE Sub on your Birthday!

Image Credit: Firehouse Subs

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  1. That sucks that you have had to boycott the unsaid sub shop. I love the one here in town. I will sit there and tell them, hover, and continue to ask for more if I need to, which is not often. Really nice here too. I dont have one of these Firehouse but I am glad you were able to find something that works out better for you!!